Google Chrome Vs. Kaspersky & Stealth Settings

Currently 2-0 score is in favor of Google Chrome. Kaspersky see below as trojan, and on cannot access the login page (*).

Google Chrome

Google Chrome (Beta) is the first web browser launched by Google. There is nothing new in comparison with most popular browsers, but has many flaws. It's ... minimal.

Google Chrome is a browser designed to make the web faster, easier and safer. Has a minimal design that offers a very easy to use.

chrome error

I installed it I tested it and I just uninstalled the 5 minutes. I consider a project sec, which does not offer anything and do not understand why so much promotion for this product. Google Chrome is all AdSense ads from . : -? More… pages that have redirects do not go (e.g. can not be accessed unless you ask www.)

Google Chrome Vs. Kaspersky & Stealth Settings

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