Google+ abandon the use of real names on the social network

Launched 4 years ago, social networking Google+ users tried to impose certain standards using various restrictions, And among them is that of mandatory use real name creating a account the network. According GoogleThese restrictions (and in particular concerning user name) helped creation of social networks formed real peopleWhich exclude users who wanted to retain anonymity.


Since yesterday but things have changed and Google+, Which apparently gave up the idea of social networks of real people (Most likely due to the fact that real people do not flock to socialize online), And followed the example Facebook, The daily network sign thousand newMost of the way anonymous. So Google announced that abandon the use of real names for enrollment in Google+ and also will allow the Youtube users to use usernames in social networking.

Over the years, I Google+ Grew and Became ESTABLISHED ITS community, we steadily opened up this policy, from allowing owners to use any + The name of Their choosing to Letting Their YouTube usernames bring users into Google+. Today, we have Taking the last step: there is no more restrictions on what name you CAN use.

Totdata, Google acknowledged that unclear policy about name restrictions 's the experience unpleasant created some users, and he apologized for this, but continunad defend (even if only half-heartedly) the idea of ​​a social network of real people. With this policy change, Google hope network Google+ become more popular and a more inviting its users.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Google+ drops real name rule for social networking

Google+ abandon the use of real names on the social network

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