Google withdrew PageRank (PR) Toolbar - Classification of Web pages

In recent years 15, PageRank was for many owners or administrators of websites, a benchmark for classification of web pages and to estimate their importance.
Alogoritmul which were classified and was given the score of a website, relied mainly on "backlinks"- A link / quote from a site better classified - and the quality / uniqueness content. PageRankCPC was absolutely wrong seen a tool SEOAnd many were swept away by the PR, saying that a higher PR, and a guarantee greater number of visitors on the website. False. From experience, I say I had web pages with PageRank 2, which far exceeded a web page with PageRank 6. The algorithm used by Google was clear as can be. Given a link on a page with PR6 A, B to a page rank lower, while growing PR of the page B. Of course, very much count the number of links and the number of pages that linked link to the page B. It was an algorithm that gave birth to many "business" on line and a "market links" in its own right. Google was not too excited about the links purchased by owners of websites, and through already 2010 appeared the first penalty. Finally, one upon the other, PageRank was a time a craze and a source of income for many owners of web pages with high PageRank. A link to such a website can cost from a few dollars to several hundred. There have been exchanges of links, they bought, they sold, they made "studies" to try to fool Google's algorithms, specialized forums full of discussions on PR.
In recent years, it left quite silence, and many wondered when will be the next PageRank update. Regular Google PR update at least once or twice a year for several years it has stagnated.

After a few days, Google has withdrawn from all major classification PageRank for web pages, but this does not mean that they do not take a classification. Secret, but it exists.
For owners of web pages "best indicator" to find out where they stand a web page is Google Console. former Google Webmasters. In Google Console find details and reports about the number of backlinks, positioning in the search engine after certain keywords, keywords (keywords) that lead to web reports on the rate of indexation, health / safety site, errors, plus other useful information for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

As alternatives to Google PageRankAre almost certain to develop or by third companies or individuals, a number of tool sites, but they can not provide data than some suspected.

Google withdrew PageRank (PR) Toolbar - Classification of Web pages

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