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Most internet users in Romania use Google as the main search engine, but very few of them know how to ask the search engine for the information they are interested in. Man is limited to or . Ro with settings by defaultWithcreate keywords and press enter or click the "Search for”To see the results. Many of the sites listed by Google as a result of this search do not contain user-satisfactory information.

In many cases, the title of a page and / or the web address contain the most representative words / expressions for the content of the information on the page. For an advanced search of the pages that contain in the title and / or URL the keywords, the following commands are used:

For example I want to search on Google "yahoo avatars".

1. allintitle:yahoo avatars

using the prefix allintitle: In front of keywords, the search engine understands to select only the results that contain in the page title the words: yahoo avatars .

2. intitle:yahoo avatars

intitle: It is somewhat similar to allintitle: , only here Google puts more emphasis on the first word in the expression (avatars). Displays in the first results, pages of sites that contain the title "yahoo avatars". Once removed from the first results page, the search engine will list results that contain the word "avatars" in the title and the word "yahoo" in the content and / or page address.

3. allinurl:yahoo avatars

allinurl: , do the same with allintitle: , only refers to the URL (address) of the web page. List all web pages that contain the address "yahoo avatars".

4. inurl:yahoo avatars

inurl: It is more complicated to understand. Read 3 point. (Allinurl:) and you will realize from the point 2. Why Google's search engine lists, custom inurl: yahoo avatars . ;-)


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Google Search: Advanced Operators

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