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GTop, You where you position the? or GTopStats.comIs currently positioned over, at least as the page layout Stealth Settings. It's a little weird, but it's pure coincidence write about, in a day when has some more bumps than usual., and monitoring for 18.august.2008 ended on 15 at: 00 on the 19 and currently very pathetic display statistics. Finally ... it happens ... especially the Romanian services. is not a service like never seen on the internet. Is not new ... No ... It's a simple traffic monitoring service sites, GTop only difference between gender and other services, it does functionality, interactivity si design. Three pluses that make it be something different than the rest. A first advantage over the biggest online profile. Ro ( - do not want to tie their lives, but are leaders. Currently) is the option of enrollment sites that have content in Romanian. I think there are plenty of Romania, who site-uri/bloguri in English and were not accepted on portals statisitics websiteSimply because they have no content in Romanian or not to keep blogging picking strawberries. No kidding ... offering services for websites written in Spanish, English being a foreign language of the Romans., accept sites in English, Romanian, torrent sites, hacks, adults, etc.. What are all those sites?

A second good thing GTop done, you interactivity. Portal of statistics, the index at each site scored no option "Comments"Where of course gather reviewri. Forum GTopHas the ~ 40% fewer messages than the (distance between and is a few years in favor That says a lot ... even as most messages are written by admin, showing their interest towards the service that you desire to grow and interact as much with users. Same thing happens on the newsletter via e-mail. Just last week I received an email from them, which were made known to few bugfixes, Advice and information on service upgrades suffered.
GTop essence is of course monitoring sites registered. Provides traffic reports about the level of service Goolge Analytics + trafic.roOnly as updates are made frequently and some very detailed information. Enables statistics forbid private from prying eyes, searched words, IPs and other information such as "the best referer", etc..

What options do we have?

- No hidden ads website, or tracking code.
- Completely free.
- Statistics in real time. You can see the traffic on your site every second.
- Statistics organized by time periods: hours / days / months.
- Unlimited DATA !!! We will never delete your statistics, you will not be limited to a certain space.
- 100% PRIVATE !!! We value the privacy of our users, so we have made available various options that can be set statistics to protect details of site traffic.
- Detailed information about search engines / keyworduri / visitors / operating systems ... the options are so many that we invite you to check out the demo and see the system in action is a very good tool for those who want to and monitor site and it is 100% free. Despite several sites downtime, bugs and shortcomings, I am confident that this service will develop nicely over time and will not fall in lust gstats.roThat of release (a few years ago ...?) Just froze and now look something worse than wreck the Costinesti.


thank you, Eugen ;) - Webmaster tools and website statistics

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