GTOPSTATS.COM / GTOP.RO defraud websites registered Stats

Interesting title ... right? Okay. It is no joke. si is one and the same service Ranking and Statistics for websiteSites. After some time doing the praise GTop / GSTATS for their performance and hope to be one of the few Romanian service which while not disappoint.

Well, did not resist too much "glory" and they fell into sin. What they do is worse than virus which in spring-summer. Specifically, All sites are in the top GTOP.RO and / or GTOPSTATS.COM become direct referrer of these two sites to the largest search engines. This is equivalent to a referrer link offered by each registered site. That would be the first fraud and not very serious (Google Page Rank is a better index of the two sites in search engines), but the next is even better.

In Monitoring script (That you need to add every site owner GTop after enrollment), manager of the service statistics put the file gTOP.js codes less orthodox.

This is how monitoring script:

<! - / - the most comprehensive display of statistics (begin) v0.1 / ->

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
var SITE_ID = 6987;
</ Script> <script type = "text / javascript" language = "javascript" src = "">

<noscript> <a href=""> - you where you position the? </ A> </ noscript>

<! - / - the most comprehensive display of statistics (end) v0.1 / ->

In the file there is a gTOP.js pop-up script (Besides the referrer) that run only visible when metered site is open in a page "frame"(Eg Google Images). All visitors to a site that is registered in or are greeted by a pop-up open site (Site administrator belonging to / Many will say that GTop use as your sites are going very well and no problems like this. Okay. If the site has cookie on your PC and is not tested in a frame, it is impossible to discern.

Click image.



if (== cleartogo 1) {transdata.src = src; document.getElementsByTagName ('head') [0] .appendChild (Transdata);} else {ppop = getCookie ('psp' + site_id); if (parseInt (ppop )! = 1) {Set_Cookie ('psp' + site_id, '1', '1', '/', ''); newwindow = (" '' bioGET ');

If you site indexed images in Google Images, you can test this very simple. Are you looking for a picture of your website on Google Images and open the page.

For example:

- Search Google Images "" (at the time when he was in the source code GTOP)

- When the page was opened by frame from Google Images, this is what pop-up nice appeared to me:

ymvista -

Notice how a IE7 tab appeared (I have the IE set to open "new windows & pop-up" in the new tab). This would not be visible to someone who would normally access the site (do not go through it page frame) And would cookies.

You can test here - Google Images and for Both are top blogs in calsamentul

This code is not a day or two in java source The problem was signaled by two people, almost a month ago, only those people have not realized what was really going on and were not taken into account. See these topics on GTOP do donkeys? and case study - I discovered a trick in their code. The latter received an answer very close to the truth:

kaySuperstar-. (10 / 21 / 2008 1: 15: 56 AM): I apologize for the popup from gtopstats. I have not noticed than yesterday, hopefully not older than a few days. It seems that the gtopstats found it a good way to earn a few visitors a day if implements this popup (which obviously opened page dance) with their script, one for statistics. Or maybe it was always honest I did not know, otherwise we would not have used their services. We do not want to make browsing this site difficult or annoying for our members and visitors. As I said, I noticed this yesterday. Obviously the only thing that could be done was remove script gtopstats portal page.

The consequences of this fraud?

Google Search under any circumstances do not like pop-ups on web sites. The results are traffic declines si Google Pagerank degradation for sites submitted in or By default this leads to decrease of income from advertising (On websites selling online advertising).

* Traffic Explosion after the administrator has concluded that it would be appropriate to 'promote' like this site:

alexa vs

* Alexa traffic monitored. vs.

I admit that I have minimal knowledge of JavaScript (JS). If anyone is able to analyze and come up with gTOP.js code details can download it from and leave a comment. Thank You!

Top Blogs 5 affected:

(In a country where there is no apocalypse comes. Even that!)

How to get rid of this problem? Very simple: remove the source code GTOP sites.

GTOPSTATS.COM / GTOP.RO defraud websites registered Stats

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