How to change Computer & Recycle Bin Desktop Icons in Windows 7

We have seen in , how do we make or disappear the icons Recycle Bin & computer on DesktopCPC Windows 7. Next we'll see how we can change icons these two shortcutSystem sites.
If you are tired of the default icons of Computer and Recycle Bin, from Windows 7, you must know that these can be changed very simply, with just a few clicks.

How to change the Computer and Recycle Bin icons on DesktopCPC Windows 7.


1. First, you have to be available on November 3 icons to replace those original sale Windows 7. A icon computer and two for Recycle Bin (Full si Empty)

1 Bin - Empty Bin 1 - Full My computer 128

Need to store icons (.ICO) In a folder.

2. Right-click on Desktop -> Personalize -> Change desktop icons -> Select Computer or Recycle Bin & Change Icon In ... Desktop Icon Settings.

change icons desktop Windows 7

3. If no icon from the default set of Windows NOTHING from "Change Icon", Click the" Browse ... "and select the icon you saved 1 point.

desktop icons settings

Open, OK & Apply & OK.

In the same way icons to change and Recycle Bin or Networks.

new windows icons 7

Windows 7 gives you the opportunity to choose a set of icons desktop for each theme (windows 7 themes) a Windows 7. All you have to do is check the "Allow themes to change desktop icons" in Desktop Icon Settings.

icons themes windows 7

Change default desktop icons in Windows 7.
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How to change Computer & Recycle Bin Desktop Icons in Windows 7

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