How to edit PDF files with Microsoft Edge web browser

It's good to know how to edit PDF files cu Microsoft Edge without the need for special PDF editing applications. We only use the installed web browser default pe Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Microsoft has developed a lot of its own web browser in recent years, they get on Windows 10 and Windows 11 about Microsoft Edge to be a viable alternative for Mozilla Firefox si Google Chrome.

For browsing websites it is very fast, stable and offers increased security. But Microsoft Edge can also be used if we need to open and edit PDF files. For PDF editing we would normally need Adobe Acrobat Reader or other specific software.

How to edit PDF files with Microsoft Edge

Cu Microsoft Edge we have the opportunity to we add text to a PDF file, to highlight part of the text with Highlight or draw lines (Draw).

1. We open the file PDF which we want to edit it cu Microsoft Edge. If it does not open by default cu Edge, we right click on the document, “Open with", Then from the context menu we click on Microsoft Edge.

Open PDF file with Microsoft Edge
Open PDF file with Microsoft Edge

2. In the open file we have all the options for editing, saving and printing in the command bar for PDF editing that appears in Microsoft Edge.

How to edit PDF files with Microsoft Edge
How to edit PDF files with Edge

Finally, after finishing editing the PDF file, click on the sign with disketa from the editing bar to save the changes.

Editing PDF files can also be done in Google Chrome with the same options. Mozilla is in development PDF viewer from Firefox and follow the introduction of editing. Currently text annotation and link annotation options are only available if enabled pdfjs.annotationEditorMode from about:config.

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