How To Fix GeForce Experience Update Error - Unable to connect to NVIDIA. Try again later.

O error especially common on PCAPIs / laptopURLs that OS Windows 10 si video card (dedicated video graphic card) NVIDIA GeForce Experience.

nVidia-Update-Error-Windows-10 qualifying.

The error occurs when trying to do update the driver for NVIDIA. "Unable to connect to NVIDIA. Try again later". Basically this error makes it impossible to update the NVIDIA driver for Windows 10 the software interface.

How do we fix the update error for GeForce Experience on Windows 10

An easier option would be to go on the official website of nVidia and Download then install manual driver for your video card.
If we need to solve the error and make the functional update from the GeForce Experience interface, then we will have to follow some simple steps and make some changes to the services in the system. Windows Services.

1. First of all we will have to check if the service NVIDIA Network Service has the status "Running”In the list of services a Windows 10.

Open Task Manager (right-click on the workbar / TaskBar > Task Manager) and then go to the "Services" tab. We are looking for the service in the list "NVIDIA Network Service”And check the status. If it is other than "Running", right-click on the service and click "Start" on the menu that opens.

NVIDIA Network Service.

2. Go to the folder C: \ ProgramData \ NVIDIA Corporation \ Netservice \ and delete or rename the file NSManagedTasks.xml.


3. Go to Task Manager at "Details" and check if the process is running NVNetworkService.exe * 32.


If this process does not appear in Task Manager, we go back to the service list and start the service NVIDIA Network Service.

After these steps, go GeForce Experience interface and start the update for the nVidia driver.

In our case the error appeared for the update "Game Ready Driver“At nVidia ..

How To Fix GeForce Experience Update Error - Unable to connect to NVIDIA. Try again later.

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  • I have a problem a few days ago, when I entered the Geforce application I experienced the exclamation mark appear in all the games, and when I wanted to optimize all the games inside each one there was a message that said: “It is not possible to retrieve the information. try it later ”. I've been waiting for days and everything remains the same… HELP !!

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