How to install YM! ? Chapter 1. Level: Advanced

Iniante to connect to YM! (Yahoo Messenger) must follow a few steps. Quite complicated.

STEP 1. You must make sure that you have paid bills internet and cable network you stuck behind the computer. Preferably the network card.

STEP 2. Be installed on your computer operating system. In most cases, Windows XP. (I promise to come back with a tutorial for installing Windows.)

STEP 3. Search in start bar sign "'s Internet Explorer" and click on it. For IE7 This is green. Not altered and does not suffer from any liver disease. It's new design of IE7 (Internet Explorer version seventh). If you used to be blue, it's your problem. Make a complaint to Microsoft.

STEP 4. Once opened IE the write up in the address bar (you find yourself. Seeing where you place to write.), And press Enter. (Where you bought the PC I hope that you have given instructions for using the keyboard. Unless instructions are in the box, it's a serious problem. Call your sales representative where you purchased.)

STEP 5. Enter the "Yahoo Messenger" well read all text from there, to give a yellow button that says Get Started. Mouse arrow going up over it. When yellow turns green (and green? See the STEP Bold 3) once you hit the left mouse button.

STEP 6. Download Yahoo! Messenger (version 8.1). In case you did not automatically open any box "File Download"In 5 seconds with orange look that says Step 1. On the same line, somewhere at the end of a sentence is written in bold blue "click here". Repeat from step 5 scheme with the mouse arrow.

STEP 7. Click on the button Runthe box "File Download". Hence the problem becomes more complicated. You must press the button "Next"A few times, before accepting the" Terms and Conditions ".

There are so stupid to me now reinstall YIM! Your site to write to you tutorials absurd, but you can rest easy. There are only handful in that situation. It's not your fault. On your diploma graduation (Computer courses) Are not listed instructions starting the computer and no installation instructions so YM!  .

Follow these seven steps I wrote above, one per day and Tuesday evenings can chat and talk (YM!). ;)

I know I'm wrong, but when I look around me get courage.

How to install YM! ? Chapter 1. Level: Advanced

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