(How to fix) Bad Image - Exception Processing Message 0xc000007b Parameters 0x753D57EC… (Windows 7 Error)

Bad Image: “Exception Processing Message 0xc000007b Parameters…” is a common error on operating systems Windows XP, but not Windows Sight yes Windows 7 are not exempt from this error at all. In most cases, before the Bad Image error: Exception Processing Message 0xc000007b Parameters…. another series appears… Read More

Error Code 0xC004F061 in Windows 7 (Troubleshooting Error)

If you expected launch Windows 7 to purchase this OS, you have probably opted for one of the following licenses: full or upgrade. Some of you bought the upgrade package Windows 7 you were greeted when the system was activated by error 0xC004F061. This error occurs only in one of the following two cases (which are almost identical): either… Read More