What Antivirus you can install on Windows 10 without spying on you? Spyware Antivirus

It's not a joke at all. I have written in the past about so-called antivirus solutions for Windows, which instead of protecting users, do nothing but spy on their online and offline activity, and the information obtained to be used for commercial purposes. No later than 2019, Kaspersky admitted to injecting Read More

Anti-Malware Software for macOS - Download & Review

I saw that there are many discussions on the topic: “macOS it doesn't need anti-virus or sotware firewall. ”It's mostly very true. Operating system architecture macOS is much less permissive than Windows, regarding the installation of executable applications without the user's will. About application installation restrictions on macOS, and especially… Read More

What does Adware, Malware mean - Prevention and Virus Solutions - Anti-Adware and Anti-Malware

One of the worst things that can happen to a user Windows is to lose data stored on the hard drive or steal confidential data from computer viruses. In order not to end up in a situation where we are looking for devirus solutions, it is good to have some idea, which… Read More

Winstall.exe / SpySheriff - fake Anti-Spyware [Windows XP]

Winstall.exe is a process that belongs to the SpySheriff malware. This is a fake anti-spyware that some inexperienced users install on systems, with or without intent. The installed version is a "free" version, which will inevitably (and invariably) discover that the "host" systems are infected with certain malware, thus often managing to fool them… Read More

GTOPSTATS.COM / GTOP.RO defraud websites registered Stats

Interesting title… right? OK. It's no joke. Gtop.ro and Gtopstats.com is one and the same ranking and statistics service for web sites. Some time ago I was doing a review in which we praised GTOP / GSTATS for their performances and we hope it will be one of the few Romanian services that will not disappoint in time. ... Read More