Cortana Virtual Assistant will be retired from iOS and Android

Remember that some time ago, when Microsoft released Cortana in an update of Windows 10, we all wonder how we can disable Cortana? I wrote about how we can hide Cortana from TaskBar in early 2015 and many users did so. Sign that at that time, the virtual assistant did not… Read More & WARP - VPN service for Android and iOS

Most of the time, when we say VPN we think of a private network that protects our online identity or allows us access to certain types of content that we would have limitations from our location. Well, VPN (Virtual Private Network) can also be seen as an effective security method then… Read More

How to add icons to a website for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Favicon.ico - Website Icon in Browser Before a website is launched, a graphic file, favicon, is added to it to appear in the browser, to the address bar. In most situations, the favicon is a thumbnail of the graphic logo or the initials of the respective website. This favicon is added to help users identify a web address faster… Read More

The new programming language, Swift will be the basis Android

Google considers that in the future, the new programming language, Swift, will be the basis of Android. What does this mean, exactly? Broadly speaking, Android will be completely changed. Currently, Android is an operating system based on the Java programming language. A programming language that is not at all "user" Read More

Dryft, the iOS keyboard with unconventional design, has moved into the portfolio Apple

Recently, Apple acquired Dryft, a startup with experience in virtual keyboard applications, bringing Randy Marsden - one of Swype's co-founders - to lead the team responsible for developing the official iOS keyboard. The American company confirmed the transaction concluded in secret towards the end of last year, without revealing the exact details. ... Read More

Google Chrome offers 42 a Push notifications system, permanently active

The latest version of the Google Chrome browser will implement an interesting option that will give a helping hand to software developers who want to turn their sites into complex Web applications: a Push notification system, permanently active. But this feature is not the only interesting news in Chrome 42 Beta, the browser will Read More

Signal 2.0, the free application that encrypts messages and calls on iPhone and Android

Confidentiality in telecommunications is becoming an increasingly publicized topic. We are trying to protect personal data from major developers. Recently, it was announced the launch of Signal 2.0, a free application for mobile phones iPhone and Android, which has the role of encrypting messages and calls. Application Read More

TAB 2 A8, A10-70 and 300 MIIX Lenovo IdeaPad, Lenovo 2015 three innovations

At the Mobile World Congress 2015, Lenovo unveiled the new TAB 2 A8 and A10-70 models, based on Android support, along with the MIIX 300 ideapad tablet with operating system Windows. Included in the category of affordable tablets, the new devices in the A series include speakers with Dolby Atmos technology, promising a clearly superior experience Read More

Transform Windows 7 in Android (Android Themes / Skins Transformation Pack)

Windows 7 is an operating system with a fairly attractive and well-developed graphical interface, but after a while a change of "landscape" may be welcome, especially if we find a theme (Windows 7 Themes) or a graphical interface to satisfy us. For those who are attracted to the system interface… Read More