How can backup your Android Call Log in

All users of Android devices know the importance of creating backups of the operating system, including the settings and applications installed on it. Such backups can be created using Android applications, but some devices have included mode default this option (creating backups) in the system. One of the things that Read More

Automatically creates backup device with Android OBackup

It is always recommended to have a backup created for the operating system of the equipped smartphone, especially if it is an Android. The Android operating system is probably the most popular mobile operating system due to the multiple customization options and numerous applications available in the Play Store. For this reason, very… Read More

Save backups of applications installed on Android in Dropbox or Google Drive

Currently, Android is the most permissible mobile operating system, and one of its most important features is that users can install custom ROMs on mobile devices (with Android OS, obviously). The only problem is that after each ROM (firmware) change, all applications must be installed again… Read More