How can we prevent Android apps to automatically add shortcuts on the home screen

When we install Android applications from the Google Play Store, they automatically add shortcuts to the Home screen of the device on which they are installed. While this makes it easier to find and access those applications, over time it can clutter the Home screen and give it a messy look. In addition, most Android users prefer… Read More

Get rid of the restriction regions on Android Android Free VPN

When was the last time you read a review about an Android application and followed a link to download it only to be greeted by a message announcing that the application is not available in your region / location? Certainly most users of devices with cu Read More

How we can reset or modify applications default in Android

Like any other operating system, Android has applications default with which the user can open various types of files. Usually, users install (in addition to the built-in applications) several applications that open the same type of files (browsers, launchers, media players, etc.), being forced to choose one of them that will open… Read More

How can hide apps from the App Drawer in Android Jelly Bean

When you install an application on your Android smartphone or tablet, it is displayed by default in the application panel (app drawer). Sometimes, however, we may want to install certain applications without them being displayed in the app drawer, especially in cases where other people have access to their personal phone. Into the … Read More