How we can boot in Safe Mode in Android

Like any other operating system, Android is not immune to errors or problems with applications, often users notice that it either does not work properly or crashes or crashes. restart(often due to certain applications incompatible with the system version used, or due to… Read More

How can install and use Flash Player on an Android device

Some time ago (after the release of the first version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich), Adobe decided to discontinue the development of the Flash Player for the Android operating system, which means that it is not available for newer versions of it, such as would be Jelly Bean, and won't be available for Key either… Read More

How can rename or hide devices with Android in Google Play

When we install Android applications directly from the Google Play site, it displays all the Android devices that our Google user has used. While displaying them is quite advantageous (especially if we have several such devices), so we can select which device to send the application to Read More

How can install applications compatible with Android phone from Google Play

Many times, when we want to install certain Android applications available in Google Play, we have the unpleasant surprise to notice that they are not compatible with the phone provided. This is because the developers of those applications restrict them to certain types of smartphones, to certain countries / regions, or to certain versions of… Read More