Anti-Malware Software for macOS - Download & Review

I saw that there are many discussions on the topic: “macOS it doesn't need anti-virus or sotware firewall. ”It's mostly very true. Operating system architecture macOS is much less permissive than Windows, regarding the installation of executable applications without the user's will. About application installation restrictions on macOS, and especially… Read More

Microsoft Safety Scanner - Security Tool Download - Remove viruses, spyware, malicious software

Microsoft Safety Scanner is one of the most effective ways to detect viruses, spyware, or other malware on a computer. Windows PC. This anti-virus scanner first checks if the system files have a trustworthy signature. Any system file should normally carry… Read More

What does Adware, Malware mean - Prevention and Virus Solutions - Anti-Adware and Anti-Malware

One of the worst things that can happen to a user Windows is to lose data stored on the hard drive or steal confidential data from computer viruses. In order not to end up in a situation where we are looking for devirus solutions, it is good to have some idea, which… Read More

How do you prevent ransomware virus infection, responsible for deletion and request fees for decryption

Directly targeting user data in order to steal large sums of money, one of the most dangerous forms of malware, ransomware presents major challenges for antivirus manufacturers, forced to resort to aggressive methodological procedures to ensure that users are not affected. . Unfortunately, no matter how good the antivirus program used, Read More

Find out how you can clean up / fix your computer if DNS Changer virus infected

If yesterday (Monday, July 9) you experienced problems with your internet connection, you may have your computer infected with the DNS Changer virus. This virus, originally released in 2007, was used by hackers to force users of infected computers to click on fraudulent ads. Although the notable effects of the DNS Changer virus were visibly faster mai Read More

TEXTSRV Remove Virus, Malware, Spyware

TEXTSRV is a relatively new virus that has been affecting a very large number of computers for several weeks, giving users headaches. The virus comes exclusively from the Internet through several sites (especially flash games) that have been affected by this malware. TEXTSRV manifests itself by opening pop-up windows… Read More

Rkill will help get rid of Malware processes in the system!

Viruses, trojans, spyware and other malware will always be a problem for Internet users. Their evolution in the last decade has been extremely accelerated and, despite numerous antivirus programs trying to block the danger they pose, the "vaccine" for this "pandemic" has not yet been discovered. And in what Read More