How to protect our bank accounts online scams (Phishing Scams)

We are regularly assaulted by “very important” emails or those that require “increased attention” from some banks, some of which do not even macwe would not have or have ever had accounts. Most likely you are not unfamiliar with the terms "online banking" and "internet banking". They are used by all banks, and these tools aim to redirect some operations… Read More

If you steal using RCS & RDS words?!?!

In most cities in the country, the authentication on the Internet infrastructure of RCS & RDS (one of the largest Internet providers in Romania), is done by user and password. A month ago I went on a short vacation to Galati, where To my surprise, I was able to connect to the Internet using my account username and password… Read More

Kaspersky Internet Security - Optimization

Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS, I have been using for several months and I have not flirted with any virus so far. Many complain about this anti-virus as it eats up a lot of resources, especially KIS's Anti-Hacker and Mail Anti-Virus services. Normal. If the man is obsessed with security and keeps all of them activated Read More