Microsoft Security Essentials v1.0.2498.0 [Download] - Change log?

Microsoft Security Essentials is one of the most stable antivirus software for computers with Microsoft operating systems Windows 7. It is not only our opinion. It is an antivirus, antispyware and antimalware poor in options, but very effective. In addition, it is free for those who have a license on the operating system (Windows Genuine), and he does Read More

HijackThis dangerous bots you away from your PC (Anti Malicious Bots)

Bots - programs that can run automatically without the need for human interaction - were originally created to help and in no way to damage computers or networks. The bot functions have been - and still are - very useful for search engines (for indexing sites), sites… Read More

Kaspersky AntiVirus for Games (Gaming Profile)

We are convinced that not all users who install an antivirus or a firewall are interested in the advanced settings of these security software. Most are limited to settings default, but these settings are not optimal for all situations. For example, a user who visits torrent sites, file hosting, uses DC ++, oDC… Read More

AVAST! 5 Beta - AntiVirus Download

About a week ago a new version of AVAST was released! 5.0 Beta -ANTIVIRUS. This version is more of a "technical preview" than abeta“, Avast! 5.0 Beta being recommended only for tests and for… accommodation with the new graphical interface, which has undergone major changes compared to previous versions of Avast! ... Read More

Windows Vista Security Software (ANTIVIRUS)

More than a month ago, I was left without a license at Kaspersky and I thought about temporarily installing a free antivirus. I installed a trial version of Avast !, and I was surprised to find that not all antivirus modules run at normal parameters on Windows Vista. (Premium Home). Microsoft recommends the list of 13… Read More