How can we copy / paste a text or an image from iPhone on iPad or Mac / MacBook - Clipboard Handoff

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The clipboard is a very easy way to quickly copy text or an image from a web page, for example, to a notepad or anywhere we want to paste it (paste). Universal Clipboard, is a feature introduced by Apple, with macOS Sierra and iOS 10, which allows us to copy / paste to a text… Read More

How NOT to lose your password, purchased applications, emails and money in your account Apple / iCloud

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Some time ago I was writing a tutorial showing how to deactivate two-factor authentication for the account Apple. Apple ID or account iCloud as it is called more popular. We do not encourage you to do this, as you risk running out of accounts Apple. To better understand what an account means… Read More

Apple changed currency for purchases from the App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, Apple Music itself iCloud

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The announcement was made by Apple since last week, but only today I noticed that in our country, the purchases we make from the App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, Apple Music itself iCloud will be made in local currency. In LEI. Hello, Currency used in Romania for App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, Read More

How to Find the Serial Number of a Mac / MacBook (Serial Number)?

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Serial Number (SN) is a unique number assigned to the file Mac, which distinguishes it from all the others. It's a kind of people's CNP. Serial Number is required when we want to go with Macin a warranty service or it can be useful if it was stolen from us MacBook-ul. The Serial Number is automatically added to an account iCloud ... Read More

Off Apple ID Two-Factor Authentication

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CAREFUL! Deactivating the two-factor authentication option may set your account Apple at the disposal of third parties malicious intent. It may result in the loss of personal data, paid applications and even money, if you have authenticated a bank account or use the service Apple Pay! Many users find this additional security measure useful for the account Apple ... Read More

[How To] Restore iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from iCloud or iTunes Backup

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When we lose documents, pictures, movies or applications on a iPhone, iPod or iPad, the simplest solution to recover them is to restore from backup. In mod default any device Apple is set to back up to iCloud (online account provided by Apple for storage Read More

iOS 8.3, un update last minute for devices Apple

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Behold, finally, Apple gives you the ability to test iOS updates before they're available to all iOS users iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, even if you are not a developer or your device is not registered in a developer's account. program AppleOS X Preliminary Test Seed is now also available for… Read More