Tweak Windows 8 Aero with Aero Glass Tweaker

In default, Windows 8 does not have the Aero Glass feature, but it can be activated using third-party applications such as Aero Glass for Win8, WinAeroGlass, or using the custom theme Windows 7 Aero for Windows 8. Aero Glass Tweaker is a free application that users can use to modify… Read More

How can we reactivate Aero Glass (with Blur Effect) in Windows 8

users Windows 8 who feel the lack of the Aero effect, introduced by Microsoft for the first time in Windows Vista, and retired (some would say ahead of time) with the launch of the new system Windows, I can reactivate Aero Glass (also with the blur effect) using a free application called Aero Glass for Win8. Aero Glass for Win8 uses… Read More