USB (USB-A) vs. USB-C: What are the differences between the two ports / connectors

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USB-A ports are present on the widest range of devices, from computers, printers, televisions and even mobile phone chargers, while USB-C ports are lagging behind and are being implemented more and more. many laptops, chargers for mobile phones and tablets, external batteries. USB-A Vs. USB-C Different from… Read More

Logitech Wireless Mouse MX Master best brand Logitech mouse

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With the full name Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse, the accessory is intended for users working on multiple screens, devices and operating systems, needing the perfect product to interact with this complex environment. The Logitech Darkfield Laser sensor can also work on any surface, even glass or very glossy surfaces. “Logitech Read More

How to make and where to store a backup for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, using iTunes

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Even if you don't need to use folders administra un iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, backups are recommended for all users. A backup or backup is a file that contains all the data of your device and can be restored on it or on another device that belongs to you, if Read More