How to set up the DNS TXT zone for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC and how to prevent business e-mail messages from being rejected by Gmail - Mail delivery failed

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AdministratorSevere private email businesses for business often face a lot of problems and challenges. From the SPAM waves to be blocked by specific filters, the security of correspondence in the local e-mail server and remote servers, the configuration and monitoring of SMTP, POP, IMAP services, plus many and many other SPF configuration details, Read More & WARP - VPN service for Android and iOS

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Most of the time, when we say VPN we think of a private network that protects our online identity or allows us access to certain types of content that we would have limitations from our location. Well, VPN (Virtual Private Network) can also be seen as an effective security method then… Read More

502 Bad Gateway / Cloudflare Down - HowTo Fix

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Cloudflare is an excellent service in many ways, and for its website owners administratorWeb systems are often an oxygen bubble. DNS manager, caching system, adminSSL encryption with HTTPS redirection rules, crypto, firewall and many other options are available for free via Cloudflare. Read More