Cortana Virtual Assistant will be retired from iOS and Android

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Remember that some time ago, when Microsoft released Cortana in a update al Windows 10, we all wonder how we can disable Cortana? I wrote about how we can hide Cortana from TaskBar in early 2015 and many users did so. Sign that at that time, the virtual assistant did not… Read More

Edge, the future Microsoft browser

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Originally unveiled earlier this year, the future Microsoft browser, hitherto known as Project Spartan, has caught the public's attention because it promises a much optimized experience compared to the old and hated Internet Explorer. During the BUILD 2015 event, Microsoft finally announced the product name, its logo and some additional information. With all … Read More

Redstone, his descendant Windows 10, will be launched in 2016

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Windows 10 it didn't even end well in a final version on the market and we are already hearing speculations about the next major version of the operating system from Microsoft. Although we do not have specific details about what will be different in the new version, we have a name, inspired by the recent acquisition of Microsoft. Redstone Read More

Start Menu receives the transparency effect from the side Windows 10

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Being numbered build 10031, the latest version Windows 10 "Unofficially" leaked to the Internet did not bring to light Project Spartan, the web browser designed from scratch to replace the Internet Explorer. Instead, we have some less important changes, but worth mentioning. Abandoned in favor Windows 8 and replaced with a Home Screen displayed throughout… Read More

Project Spartan, the substitute for the Internet Explorer, revealed in an unofficial video presentation

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Desconspirat in the event of presentation Windows 10, which took place in January, Project Spartan, the web browser that will replace the famous Internet Explorer, was kept away from the curious eyes of the public. According to data provided by Microsoft, the web browser, based on a completely new rendering engine, will include the Cortana wizard with support… Read More