How do we see which drivers need to be installed and which drivers have errors, on Windows 10 si Windows 7

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For novice users, those who do not have much knowledge about how an operating system works Windows, we say briefly, that drivers are those files that connect the hardware components (mouse, monitor, keyboard, DVD, sound, video, etc.) and the operating system Windows Microsoft. Without these drivers, an operating system could not… Read More

How we disable it updatea driver on Windows 10

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It is highly advisable to have the operating system up-to-date, especially when it comes to a system Windows, which is known to be full of vulnerabilities updatesecurity, those that bring improvements and new functions to the system, come and go updatedrivers. Updatefor integrated video card (Intel), dedicated video card, sound card, Read More

How do we manually install drivers in Windows

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Sometimes, when we do a system reinstallation, it happens that certain drivers are not installed by default (usually the drivers for the network cards) or are not found and installed via Windows Update. Also, when we connect an external device (or terminal) to the computer with Windows, the system is looking to install drivers for operation… Read More

Check Corrupt Data or Sectors - SeaTools Download

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Do not expect now to find the miraculous tool / program that will turn a physically defective hard disk (hit, put in the washing machine, etc.…) into a new hard disk. The longer the period of use of a hard disk (HDD), the better it is to keep copies of the data frequently (backup)… Read More

How to find drivers for Unknown Devices in Windows

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Usually, when we buy a new PC or laptop, it either comes with a pre-installed operating system or a CD with all the drivers for the computer's hardware. Also, when we buy hardware components separately, they come bundled with the right drivers. If the CDs… Read More

Increase the speed of S (erial) ATA HDDs in Windows Vista

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If your hard drive is a SATA and you are running an operating system Windows Vista, then you need to know how you can increase the reaction speed and performance of your computer by making a small change in Device Manager. In fact, all you need to know is that Vista comes bundled with one piece (or more: P)… Read More