How to disable AutoPlay and AutoRun in Windows 8

One of the most common methods of spreading viruses in Windows it is via infected USB sticks or CDs / DVDs, and if AutoPlay and AutoRun are enabled, it is 100% sure that the systems that come in contact with the infected external devices will also be infected in turn. Unfortunately … Read More

How can we icons (icons) personalized CD / DVD or Flash Drive (USB Stick)

You know that when you buy a CD / DVD with a game or program, an icon appears in "My Computer" or in the AutoPlay box, which for the most part is representative of the game or software on the CD. Here are two examples of icons for the original Microsoft Office 2003 CD and for a… Read More

Disable AutoRun in Windows OS [Registry Editor]

From the first "meeting" with AutoRun, I considered this function a Windowsas useless. Although there are enough users who do not agree with me, surely as many approve of me. And that's because Autorun isn't just irritating when it blooms on your monitor (that is, every time… Read More