Signal 2.0, the free application that encrypts messages and calls on iPhone and Android

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Confidentiality in telecommunications is becoming an increasingly publicized topic. We are trying to protect personal data from major developers. Recently, it was announced the launch of Signal 2.0, a free application for mobile phones iPhone and Android, which has the role of encrypting messages and calls. Application Read More

Change the settings default Internet Explorer 9 with TweakIE9

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With IE9, we can say that Microsoft has finally managed to stop the alarming decline in the popularity of its web browser in favor of its three major competitors, Firefox, Opera and Chrome. And that's because the new Internet version Explorer came bundled not only with a new, modern interface, but also with a… Read More

How relocated installed applications to free up space on the primary partition

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One of the reasons why the primary partition (ie the one on which it is installed Windowsul) should occupy at least 50GB on the hard drive is that we will never know what - and especially how many - applications / programs we will install in the system, and how much space they will occupy. Lots of users Windows have "problems" with… Read More