How to set up the DNS TXT zone for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC and how to prevent business e-mail messages from being rejected by Gmail - Mail delivery failed

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AdministratorSevere private email businesses for business often face a lot of problems and challenges. From the SPAM waves to be blocked by specific filters, the security of correspondence in the local e-mail server and remote servers, the configuration and monitoring of SMTP, POP, IMAP services, plus many and many other SPF configuration details, Read More

Fix Error: SMTP 451 (Temporary local problem - please try later)

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A problem that many face administratorand servers at the moment, it is related to a less common SMTP error that occurs when sending an e-mail message. SMTP 451 (Temporary local problem - please try later) This is not a hacking or problem caused by an error… Read More

How can we block receiving emails from a specific domain name [EXIM TIPS]

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Many e-mail servers have faced a massive SPAM received from e-mail addresses in China. To filter IPs is quite difficult, especially if they are a few thousand and not included in a global SPAM list. However, I saw that many messages come from O… Read More

Fix EXIM Error : all hosts for 'domain.tld' have been failing for a long time (and retry time not reached)

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An error encountered on private e-mail servers when trying to send e-mail addresses from a specific domain or to a specific e-mail address. The scenario is as simple as possible. We have an e-mail address. -mail private (ie does not belong to Gmail, MSN, OutLook, iCloud, Yahoo !, etc) from which we cannot send… Read More