How can rearrange the order of photos uploaded to your Facebook account

When we upload several photos at the same time on Facebook, they are arranged in a way default depending on the name. Once uploaded, friends in the contact list will be able to view in the News Feed only the first photos in the uploaded group, they must access the entire photo list to have access to all photos… Read More

How can we rearrange the order of tabs and sections of the sidebar in Facebook Timeline

When Facebook introduced the Timeline instead of the classic wall, the tabs available in the right sidebar below the profile picture (eg Info, Photos, Friends, Notes) were moved immediately under Cover Photo. In addition, their number has increased, adding new tabs such as Music, Movies, Books, Groups, Events, etc. Of these, visible in… Read More

How can we view Facebook updates in chronological order

You've probably noticed that for some time now, Facebook has been posting in the News Feed the most interesting updates posted by your friends (or the pages you subscribe to), or at least interesting from Facebook's point of view. If certain updates receive more likes and more comments than others, most likely those… Read More

How can we log out of Facebook remotely from other devices

Nowadays, when Facebook has become an integral part of our daily activities, wherever we catch a computer or mobile device with an internet connection (if we don't have our own at hand), we log in to check for updates. Facebook (whether it’s the computer at work, Read More

How to include emoticons in Facebook statuses

Among the latest features added to the Faebook social network is the ability to include custom emoticons in user statuses. For those who are interested in finding out how to do this, the information below will definitely help. Add emoticons to Facebook statuses, log in to your Facebook account, then click Read More