How to replace FirewallD with iptables on CentOS 7

Bot attacks and malware applications on websites are the order of the day, and companies that offer security solutions try their best to keep up and face daily challenges. In addition to complex software applications, able to identify, analyze and automatically block computer attacks on a web server,… Read More

Download: Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 - FREE ?!

It seems that Kaspersky Lab took Microsoft as an example, when they decided to offer free, by the end of the year, the anti-virus for Windows 7. This decision of Kaspersky, to provide the license beta free, it is welcome for users who are not customers of Kaspersky. The strangest part is for users who bought licenses Read More

Windows Vista Security Software (ANTIVIRUS)

More than a month ago, I was left without a license at Kaspersky and I thought about temporarily installing a free antivirus. I installed a trial version of Avast !, and I was surprised to find that not all antivirus modules run at normal parameters on Windows Vista. (Premium Home). Microsoft recommends the list of 13… Read More

Enable / Disable PING (ICMP Echo Request) on Windows View.

Specifically, what is the use of ICMP Echo Request? ICMP, allows a computer that has installed Windows Vista, to answer or not to the ping of another computer. Windows Vista, is blocked by default this Firewall service. To enable ICMP Echo Request, without disabling Firewall, you need to follow a few simple steps. 1. Open command… Read More

Symantec / Virus Free

I see a headline on a news site, which makes me smile sharply, and not because of the mistake of the publisher who preferred to change the name of the Symantec Company to Symatec. :) (probably likes how Symatec sounds… teccc..tecc..tec .-)), but because of the article itself. "SYMATEC IS LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT SOLUTION AGAINST VIRUSES". Symatec a Read More