Find out how you can clean up / fix your computer if DNS Changer virus infected

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If yesterday (Monday, July 9) you experienced problems with your internet connection, you may have your computer infected with the DNS Changer virus. This virus, originally released in 2007, was used by hackers to force users of infected computers to click on fraudulent ads. Although the notable effects of the DNS Changer virus were visibly faster mai Read More

Use alternative DNS servers for faster loading of web pages

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Most users who complain about the low speed of the Internet provided by local ISPs, probably do not take into account the fact that the loading speed of web pages is directly related to the quality of the DNS servers of those ISPs. DNS (Domain Name Servers) is used by browsers to convert web addresses to IP addresses, the time of Read More

Increase speed Internet browsing with Google Public DNS

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Almost every time we open an Internet Browser we dream of that "Internet with the speed of light" that is promised to us in advertisements. Or, at least a higher speed than the one with which our ISP made us happy. If the first option currently remains only at the dream stage, the second has become achievable with the help of public DNS… Read More