The size of Google - The huge everyday Google

For those interested has made some estimates to show us that Google <=> Huge. How huge (intentional mistake for "illustrative" purpose) you see below: After reading all these things about Google, it doesn't seem so commonplace that every day, like any Internet user,… Read More

New changes to your Gmail account - A new look for Gmail.

Those who opened their Gmail account today probably saw the message "A new look for Gmail" and took note of the new changes to Gmail. The "Compose mail" link has been transformed into a button "much more visible than the link", and "Contacts" and "Tasks" have been moved to the top of the sidebar, before the… button Read More

Insert images / pictures in the content of the email (Gmail Labs)

When it comes to emailing images / pictures, most Gmail users use the "Attach a" link. file", And the sent images will be displayed at the bottom of our message. using add-on "Inserting images" from Gmail Labs we have the possibility to add the option to insert image in the content of the email. After activating "Inserting" Read More

Google removes Gmail from Beta

The announcement made yesterday by Google that Gmail and the rest of the services in Google Apps (Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Talk) will be promoted from the stage of beta, made the whole www roar with reactions and conclusions. For some users, the surprise was that Gmail has been around all this time… Read More

Yahoo! Online Search sold on 20 billion $ $

We are on the eve of the Winter Holidays, and Microsoft is returning to the feelings of spring. After rejecting the $ 44.6 billion offer from Microsoft earlier this year, Yahoo! is one step away from giving up Yahoo! Online Search for $ 20 billion, along with a good portion of the company's board. It seems … Read More

Google Chrome Vs. Kaspersky & Stealth Settings

Currently the score is 2-0 in favor of Google Chrome. Kaspersky still sees GoogleUpdate.exe as a trojan, and on cannot access the login page (*). Google Chrome (Beta) is the first web browser launched by Google. It has nothing new compared to the most popular browsers, but it has many shortcomings. It is minimal. ... Read More

Google Search: Advanced Operators

Most internet users in Romania use Google as the main search engine, but very few of them know how to ask the search engine for the information they are interested in. The man is limited to or .ro with the settings by default, type the keywords and press enter or click the "Search" button to see the results. Many of the sites listed… Read More

redirect: Google Page Rank

The other day, Google displayed the new PR (Page Rank) at the end of a new cycle of indexing, site checks and procedures etc. What is PR (Google Page Rank)? - It is the grade (from 1 to 10) given by Google to a web page, depending on its relevance from the perspective of engines… Read More