How we disable it updatea driver on Windows 10

Windows 11 Update

It is highly advisable to have the operating system up-to-date, especially when it comes to a system Windows, which is known to be full of vulnerabilities updatesecurity, those that bring improvements and new functions to the system, come and go updatedrivers. Updatefor integrated video card (Intel), dedicated video card, sound card, Read More

How can we solve the problem of low brightness on laptop screen

Laptop Hero 1

A recent problem on a Lenovo laptop, from the IdeaPad range, gave us a few headaches. The symptoms are as follows: low display brightness and inability to control the light intensity in any way. Even if the light indicator shows that it is at maximum intensity, you can barely see anything on the display, and the intensity is not… Read More

A limited HOW TO USE application or a game only part of the available CPU cores.

Windows Tips Blue Hero 4

We tell you from the beginning that this tutorial is useful only for those who have computers or laptops with a larger Dual-Core processor configuration (ie processors with at least two cores). That is valid for most computers and laptops produced in the last 3-4 years :) Normally the processor is required by… Read More