Edge, the future Microsoft browser

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Originally unveiled earlier this year, the future Microsoft browser, hitherto known as Project Spartan, has caught the public's attention because it promises a much optimized experience compared to the old and hated Internet Explorer. During the BUILD 2015 event, Microsoft finally announced the product name, its logo and some additional information. With all … Read More

Start Menu receives the effect of transparency from Windows 10

Windows 11

Being numbered build 10031, the latest version Windows 10 "Unofficially" leaked to the Internet did not bring to light Project Spartan, the web browser designed from scratch to replace the Internet Explorer. Instead, we have some less important changes, but worth mentioning. Abandoned in favor Windows 8 and replaced with a Home Screen displayed throughout… Read More

General Internet Reset Explorer (IE6, IE 7 & IE 8)

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Internet Explorer is one of the most popular internet browsers, being confused by some novice users with the Internet. Compared to Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Chrome, the Internet Explorer it is less stable and poses more security problems, but we must admit that part of the blame for the stability problem is… Read More

Internet Browsers / means of transport :-)

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Such as using a browser as a means of transport :-) Caldwell Tanner's idea from College Humor: Firefox Safari Opera Internet Explorer Chrome I would have added a drawing to the above collection, dedicated to the Internet Explorer 6. A lame snail with a broken shell. Source: collegehumor.com

How to disable Windows Browser Choice in Windows 7

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As we announced here, Microsoft launched on March 1 this year updatewho "brings" Windows Browser Choice on small or large PC monitors with Windows 7 installed. Even if the idea is not exactly bad (maybe just a little absurd, from my point of view, with an emphasis on "mine") for those who will buy Windows 7 … Read More

Windows 7 (E) will be launched in the EU without the Internet Explorer

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Microsoft has confirmed for CNET that the future operating system Windows 7 will be sold in Europe without the Internet browser Explorer. The move follows a lawsuit with the EU, in which Microsoft is accused of violating competition laws in the internet browser market. Because browsing the Internet without a browser is impossible, the OEM… Read More

Install IE 6 on Windows Vista /Windows 7

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For web designers, checking the compatibility of the sites they create with all existing browsers is crucial. Although Microsoft has announced that they will soon release the final version of the Internet Explorer 8 (currently available in version Beta), and IE 7 already has many followers, many users Windows XP still use IE 6. And sometimes a… Read More

Windows Will 7 be sold in the EU without IE8?

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While Microsoft is looking for all methods to impose itself on the Internet market, the European Union is seeking to bind itself to every detail to prevent Microsoft's dominance in the European software and Internet market. After receiving fines of more than 1 billion euros from the EC over the years, now… Read More

IE 7 Beta 2

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Download the Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2, here. I searched for a few days for this version for Windows XP SP2, being the last one released by Microsoft (through April 2006) which does not require the validation of the installation license. In a search “IE 7 Beta 2 downloads ”we found many results, only most of the sites that are in the results have a download link to microsoft where… Read More