What does Public IP and Private IP mean? Address - Differences and Usage

Neither the Internet nor maclocal computer networks (LANs) could not exist without IPs, and often when we have a problem connecting to the Internet, a print, smart TV or another device, we need to know the address Public IP and / or Private IP address. Whether we are talking about IPv4 or Read More

How can we assign a static IP address to a computer with Windows

If you have multiple computers with Windows (or other devices) connected to the same network and use DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to connect, each computer / device on the network will be assigned a different IP address each time they are turned on. This can sometimes cause address conflicts between computers, Read More

Use alternative DNS servers for faster loading of web pages

Most users who complain about the low speed of the Internet provided by local ISPs, probably do not take into account the fact that the loading speed of web pages is directly related to the quality of the DNS servers of those ISPs. DNS (Domain Name Servers) is used by browsers to convert web addresses to IP addresses, the time of Read More