How do we change the name of a Bluetooth device (Apple Magic Mouse) in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10 [Rename Bluetooth Device]

Most users use external bluetooth devices. Mouse, keyboard, external speaker, webcam, soundbar, selfie stick, etc., connected to the smartphone, iPhone, Mac or Windows 10. Most of the devices appear in the list of "available devices" with the brand name or the manufacturer. An example is "Magic Mouse" from Apple.When we connect a mouse Apple ... Read More

How we connect Apple Magic Mouse / Magic Mouse 2 on Windows 10 (Pair Bluetooth Magic Mouse)

Before we show you how to connect a mouse Apple, "Magic Mouse" on a laptop or PC with Windows 10, let's make some clarifications. Magic Mouse and Magic Mouse 2 are two mouse models produced by Apple, almost identical. The most significant difference between the two models is that the old version works on… Read More

How to Fix Mac Bluetooth Connection Problems (Lost / Connected Connection)

OS X yes Macare generally known as stable systems. As a daily user of Windows PC yes MacBook Pro with OS X, I can say that there are far fewer problems on OS X than on systems Windows. That does not mean Mac it is not entirely devoid of problems and errors. One… Read More