How to set up the DNS TXT zone for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC and how to prevent business e-mail messages from being rejected by Gmail - Mail delivery failed

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AdministratorSevere private email businesses for business often face a lot of problems and challenges. From the SPAM waves to be blocked by specific filters, the security of correspondence in the local e-mail server and remote servers, the configuration and monitoring of SMTP, POP, IMAP services, plus many and many other SPF configuration details, Read More

Tutorial: How to store Jupiter by email.

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The competition from the big e-mail service providers seems to be coming to an end. One increases the storage space of the e-mail box by seeing with his own eyes (Gmail)…… another mined his hdds and blew up the space limit…… and Microsoft wants to surpass the performances of NASA. If it doesn't arrive too soon… Read More