Microsoft is testing new "Departments" categories in Microsoft Store for Windows 10

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In the newest "preview" versions Windows 10 there are novelties that cannot be overlooked. One of these is the development of the download platform for games, applications and utilities, Microsoft Store.The new version of Microsoft Store improves the store interface and also the user experience on the platform. A much more intuitive classification of the content is made, again… Read More

DO NOT WANT / Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709) for Microsoft Store

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Microsoft recently published a update important for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which aims Microsoft Store. The recently released update is the latest this year and is only available for operating system computers Windows 10 1709. In updateKB4058043 for Windows 10, a reliability issue is resolved Microsoft Store and solve a… Read More

What is wsappx in Task Manager and why it uses 100% Disk

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Many users who have switched from Windows 7 or Windows The 8.x Windows 10, They noticed immediately after starting the new operating system, like your laptop or PC with the new one Windows 10 it goes very hard. When this happens, we first think of memory (RAM) or processor (CPU), but there are many… Read More

Windows 7 Family Pack "returns" one year after its launch Windows 7 OS

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At the end of last year, Microsoft had bad news for those who, for various reasons, had postponed the purchase of a package Windows 7 Family: less than 2 months after the official launch of the new operating system, the stock was already liquidated! Lots of users Windows who had 2 or more computers in the house said at that… Read More