Remove “Save to Pocket” in Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum is the "rebirth" for Mozilla Firefox, which in recent years has lost much of its popularity in favor of Google Chrome and even Microsoft Edge, after it was released with Windows 10. The new Firefox Quantum brings a different experience than previous versions, and for the first time in recent years, it tends to exceed… Read More

How we can send large files (archives, pictures, movies) to friends via Firefox Send

Even though technologically speaking we have advanced quite a lot, sending large files to friends or partners over the internet has remained complicated. For example, if we have a video or a 1 GB archive, there is no chance that it will be sent via e-mail. It is known that all e-mail providers limit… Read More

Mozilla released Firefox 31

Mozilla today released the stable version for the Firefox 31 browser, which comes bundled with fixes for 14 security vulnerabilities and some design changes, the most visible of which is the Search bar displayed on the New Tab page. Also, the new version of Firefox includes an addition to the Safe service Browsing offered… Read More

Snowl - New Add-On Firefox

Can your browser help you track and participate in online discussions? Snowl is an experiment that wants to answer this question by trying to bring together the separate streams of content that many users subscribe to: news and blog posts via RSS, as well as social networks. Read More

Your Digital Life, Anywhere

I found something nice and useful for those who are walking and have to use a computer other than personal. A suite of programs that can be installed on USB memory (USB flash drive), iPod or portable hard drive (portable hard drive) that keeps settings, emails, bookmarks and… Read More