How do you prevent ransomware virus infection, responsible for deletion and request fees for decryption

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Directly targeting user data in order to steal large sums of money, one of the most dangerous forms of malware, ransomware presents major challenges for antivirus manufacturers, forced to resort to aggressive methodological procedures to ensure that users are not affected. . Unfortunately, no matter how good the antivirus program used, Read More

Attention to new types of malware: Microsoft has discovered a trojan that and erase single tracks

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A few days ago, Microsoft announced that a team of researchers from Malware Protection C.enter has discovered a new trojan, called TrojanDownloader: Win32 / Nemim.gen! A, which is able to delete its own downloaded malware files so that they are not detected. Microsoft states that this behavior of the trojan makes it almost impossible to isolate and analyze the files it… Read More