How identify the elements of a spreadsheet in Excel

In a spreadsheet the information is presented in a graphical interface consisting of rows and columns. The columns have letters attached and the lines are numbered with numbers. A spreadsheet contains 256 columns and 65536 rows. The columns have the labels at the top of the document window and are marked with letters (A, B,…,… Read More

Geometric editing in Word

The Drawing toolbar allows, through its buttons, the drawing of geometric shapes. If you do not have the Drawing toolbar activated, you can activate it by accessing the Tools - Customize button, activate the Drawing checkbox in the Toolbars window. The Line, Arrow, Rectangle and Oval buttons create simple geometric shapes: line, arrow, rectangle and ellipse. The Text Box button allows you to insert Read More

Marking, numbering lists and paragraphs in Word 2003 Multinivel

A list is a sequence of indented paragraphs to the left margin of the text in the document and numbered (numbered lists) or marked by a symbol in the indentation area (bulleted lists). These two types of lists are simple lists. An outline numbered list is a list that contains inside… Read More

Fonts and spellings in Word 2003

A font is a collection of characters that have common features. There are many types of fonts for the usual characters (of the Latin alphabet): straighter, thinner, taller, thicker, etc. or fonts for mathematical symbols, Greek, Cyrillic letters, etc. and these of various kinds. Fonts supported by Windows they are called True Type fonts. ... Read More

Hyphenation of text and sectioning of a document in Word 2003

1. Dividing into syllables: By default, a word that does not fit on the current line will be automatically passed to the next line (this feature is called Word Wrap). To avoid this, you can request the division into syllables at the end of the line with the option of Tools - Language - Hyphenation, in which the dialog box is… Read More

How to edit a table in Word 2003

Each of us had macthey would once need to make a schedule, draw up a work schedule or line up some words on lines and columns. In the following we present the initial steps needed to build a table in Word. From the Toolbar select the Insert table tab and select with the mouse the number of… Read More

How to edit a document with images and text in Word 2003

Many of us had to develop a presentation paper in which images had to be integrated into the text. In the following we present the steps to follow to create a page with beautifully integrated text and images. To do this, we edit the text of the paper and then select from the Insert - Picture -… tab. Read More

How to edit a document Header and Footer Templates with Microsoft Word 2003

Most of us had the opportunity to write a presentation paper, diploma, a project or other documents that had to meet certain requirements: chapter name, subchapter, page numbering, etc. After in the previous article we approached the preparation of the page for editing, we continue this operation with the editing of the upper part of the page (Header) for this… Read More

How to edit a text in Word (2003 - 2010)

In this article we try to present the basics to make a text document in Word, a program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite (2003 or 2010) File name and save it in different formats. To create and save a text document in Word 2003, go to File - Save or… Read More