How can disable the feature in Office 2013 cloud sites

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As the cloud has become an important part of online in recent years, and online storage services have become increasingly popular, it is no wonder that Microsoft has integrated OneDrive into most of the software products launched by the company. The same goes for the latest version of Office, Office 2013, which includes… Read More

How to insert a YouTube video into a PowerPoint file 2013 Ms

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Sometimes, when creating PowerPoint presentations, it is necessary to insert videos so that the presentation is complete or expresses exactly what we want. Although inserting a video clip from the Internet is also possible in previous versions of MS Office (in Office 2010 we must first search for the video online, copy the code… Read More

How we can open locked files in Office 2013 / 365 Office (Disable Protected View)

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Many Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365 users have encountered a rather irritating problem, namely the inability to open various office files, either received by e-mail or extracted from archives, or accessed from an external storage device or transferred by on another computer. This problem occurs when Protected mode… Read More

Download Microsoft Office Professional 2013, 60 days free trial

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At the end of October, Microsoft made available to TechNet and MSDN subscribers the final version of the 2013 Microsoft Office suite. Users who do not have a TechNet or MSDN account but want to test the new Office suite can now do so for free, given as Microsoft announced the launch of a trial a few days ago… Read More