Office 365 data security depends on employee attention (Remote Working)

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Once remote working has become indispensable for many companies, banks and institutions, the strategy of cyber attackers has also changed. Microsoft warns that more and more malicious applications have appeared that target Office 365 accounts, and the security method with OAuth token is canceled if the user accepts access to such applications in the Office account… Read More

Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Team included

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These days, customers with Office 365 subscriptions had a pleasant surprise. Microsoft changed the name Office 365 to Microsoft 365, and this change came with Microsoft Teams. Very useful application / service during this period for companies whose employees work from home, forced by the coronavirus crisis. Besides … Read More

LinkedIn's Resume Assistant becomes an integrated part of Office 365

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The truth is that for many users, especially for the less technical ones, to make a CV in Word Office, sometimes it was harder than extreme sports. Microsoft lends a helping hand and integrates the Resume Assistant module of LinkedIn in Office 365, With the help this module present in Word Office, users will be able to create themselves… Read More

Microsoft has released Office 2016 for Mac in the Preview variant

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Recently, Microsoft has launched new and attractive software or hardware products, perfected and cheapened the offer of online services, purchased interesting products and attracted users with price reductions or freebies. If iOS users were the first to benefit from the touchscreen-optimized version of the Office suite, the… Read More

Download Microsoft Office for iPad

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Microsoft has finally launched the Office suite for iPad, after years of waiting for iOS tablet users. The suite contains Word, Excel and PowePoint applications, which are available for both reading and editing. Office applications for iPad are optimized for touch and have a ribbon interface similar to the… Read More

How we can open locked files in Office 2013 / 365 Office (Disable Protected View)

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Many Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365 users have encountered a rather irritating problem, namely the inability to open various office files, either received by e-mail or extracted from archives, or accessed from an external storage device or transferred by on another computer. This problem occurs when Protected mode… Read More