How admindelete passwords saved in Google Chrome - Delete, edit, view

Google Chrome

In the next tutorial we will see how adminwe store passwords saved in Google Chrome. How to delete all saved passwords, how to disable your personal Google account in Chrome and how we can see saved passwords in Chrome. Saving passwords in the browser is the simplest method of authentication when entering online stores, forums, payment sites… Read More

Perfect Keylogger / spy software

Security Software HERO 2

Perfect Keylogger (bpk.exe) is one of the few programs that has almost all the options to meet the requirements of a spy software user. I used KGB Keylogger, Family Keylogger and Wiretap Professional but none of them monitor and stay better hidden in the processes Windowsthan the BPK (Perfect Keylogger). An advantage is… Read More

Yahoo Multi Messenger Users 8.1 (Y! Multi)

Yahoo Messenger Hero 2

Compared to older versions of Yahoo! Messenger on YM 8.1 is much easier to install Yahoo! Messenger Multi Users (Y! Multi Messenger) pe Windows XP (I don't know if it works on Windows Vista). It's a lot like installation, because all you have to do is write… Read More

Yahoo, servers excited

Yahoo Messenger Hero 2

Just what we listened to last night on "In the mouth of the press", as Mircea Badea said about the fierce competition in stupidity between the forum from Antena 1 and the one from Antena 3. Today I found on the Kappa forum the biggest silence that lies quiet there since 2005 under the sleeping eyes of a… Read More