How admindelete passwords saved in Google Chrome - Delete, edit, view

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In the next tutorial we will see how adminwe store passwords saved in Google Chrome. How to delete all saved passwords, how to disable your personal Google account in Chrome and how we can see saved passwords in Chrome. Saving passwords in the browser is the simplest method of authentication when entering online stores, forums, payment sites… Read More

How can we prevent view saved passwords in browser by others

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Most users are used to saving passwords for frequently used accounts in the browsers from which they access those accounts. While this helps users save time (and in some cases recover their forgotten passwords), in some situations it can be a disadvantage, allowing other people (who know where to look) to get Read More

Random Password Generator & Password Manager (Download & Tips)

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When it comes to setting or entering the password for an e-mail account, for paypal or for online access to the bank account, we must consider some security elements. 1. First of all, the computer from which we access the login form must be fairly well secured. An antivirus if Read More