Apple Zero-Day Vulnerability in Windows PC [Ransomware BitPaymer / IEncrypt]

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A rather serious vulnerability of Apple iTunes, has recently affected users Windows PC. Discovered by cybersecurity company Morphisec, the vulnerability is found in a path left open in iTunes for Windows. Through this vulnerability Zero-Day, allows attackers to exploit the target system and launch cryprovirus ransomware, such as BitPaymer and IEncrypt. ... Read More

How we protect ourselves Windows Ransomware PC by disabling SMBv1

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As has been discussed and is very clear, WannaCry and Petya ransomware viruses could not cause such damage on a large scale if they did not use a service. Windows, left activated by default by Microsoft for at least strange reasons. SMBv1 is the service that was exploited and through which it was possible… Read More

Ransomware protection and backup solution for Windows si Mac

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I mentioned Acronis in an article from 2013 when we recommend it as a full backup solution for the operating system Windows. Provides a full backup, like Time Machine on macOS, preserving the image of system files, applications and personal files on the hard disk. Acronis True Image 2018, is the newest… Read More

Ransomware. How to prevent such a virus penetration into computer

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Infection with ransomware viruses that encrypt files on computer hardware has become a global problem. Yesterday the biggest cyber attack with this type of virus took place. Named WannaCry or WannaCryptor by ESET, the virus has affected tens of thousands of computers in over 100 Read More

Anti-Malware Software for macOS - Download & Review

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I saw that there are many discussions on the topic: “macOS it doesn't need anti-virus or sotware firewall. ”It's mostly very true. Operating system architecture macOS is much less permissive than Windows, regarding the installation of executable applications without the user's will. About application installation restrictions on macOS, and especially… Read More

How do you prevent ransomware virus infection, responsible for deletion and request fees for decryption

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Directly targeting user data in order to steal large sums of money, one of the most dangerous forms of malware, ransomware presents major challenges for antivirus manufacturers, forced to resort to aggressive methodological procedures to ensure that users are not affected. . Unfortunately, no matter how good the antivirus program used, Read More

BlackShades malware infected more than half a million computers worldwide

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One of the fears of laptop users with a built-in webcam is that they can be spied on without their knowledge precisely through that web-cam, when they use their personal computers. Unfortunately for them, their fear is not without reason, given that over the years there have been all sorts of malware that have succeeded… Read More