Error fixed: Windows Security Center service can't be started

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Security alerts in Action Center they should never be ignored, because you never know what "surprise" underlies them. “Turn On Windows Security Center service (Important) ”is one of the most common alerts, many users signaling its appearance after installing certain applications (most often being applications… Read More

How to change the Location Default where the applications are installed in Windows

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In any operating system Windows, location default where the applications are installed is the system partition (if we have Windowsul installed on C :, there are also installed applications; if installed on D: for example, applications also in D: will be installed). Which may lead if you use intensively used applications… Read More

Turn DreamScene on Windows 7

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One of the most popular features of the operating system Windows Vista is definitely Dreamscene. Into the Windows 7 this feature has been dropped, but there is the possibility to activate it and enjoy an active and relaxing background :) To activate Dreamscene in Windows 7 you need to follow a few steps… Read More

Disable AutoRun in Windows OS [Registry Editor]

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From the first "meeting" with AutoRun, I considered this function a Windowsas useless. Although there are enough users who do not agree with me, surely as many approve of me. And that's because Autorun isn't just irritating when it blooms on your monitor (that is, every time… Read More