How can we display This PC in mod default when open File Explorer in Windows 10

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In contrast to the Windows 7 or Windows 8, File Exploreracquis in Windows 10 has as a Quick Access startup page, where users can view a list of the most accessed folders in the system and recently opened applications or files. If instead of Quick Access you would prefer that File Explorer what is Read More

How can disable the Start Screen's Office suite 2013

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If you are a user of the Microsoft Office 2013 suite, you are already familiar with the new Start Screen (feature similar to the System Start Screen Windows 8 / 8.1), which displays tiles for predefined patterns and patterns that users can use to quickly and easily create new documents. The Office 2013 Start Screen is automatically displayed by each… Read More

How can we hide the Search button from Windows 10 Taskbar

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Some updates from your operating system Windows 10 (at least the Technical Preview version) is also the Search button available on the left side of Taskbar, which users of this system can use both to perform local searches (on hard disk) and online, through Bing. Although this might be helpful in Read More

How can we display the hard disk partitions in the Home folder Windows 10

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One of the changes included in the new operating system Windows 10 is that when we click on File Explorer, it opens the Home folder instead of Libraries (Windows 7) or This PC (Windows 8 / 8.1), folder that in mod default displays the list of favorite folders (Favorites), the list of frequently accessed folders folders) and list Read More

How can we restrict an application (.exe) to run in Windows

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Sometimes, for various reasons, we do not want people who have access to our computer to be able to run certain applications installed on the system. If you are a user Windows, you can restrict access to those applications using a registry hack (be careful, however, this method does not work if you want to block the running of a system service, Read More

What if we do Windows Does 8 not recognize the DVD-RW drive?

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In some cases, when installing a new operating system Windows on a computer that has been running for a while with another operating system (either Windows, an earlier version, either Linux), the new system may not recognize certain hardware components of the computer. If you have installed… Read More

How can we prevent it restartautomatic area a Windows 8 after the installation of update-hate Windows

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I do not know what the preferences of other users are Windows, but I like to have control over my operating system, and here there are small differences with Microsoft. Like the fact that Windows 8 is restartautomatically after installation of update-hate Windows, which can be quite irritating in most cases. Even Read More

Add Pin to Start in the right-click menu of files in Windows 8

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One of the great advantages of the Start Screen in Windows 8 is that we can create shortcuts in it for any application or folder we usually use more often, so that they can be accessed as quickly as needed when needed. Unfortunately the option to pin them in the Start Screen is not available… Read More