How can we change the location default to install applications in Windows

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When installing applications on an operating system Windows, location default their installation is in the Program folder Files from the system partition (the partition on which the system is installed Windows). By default, the path to the directory where the applications are installed is C: \ Program Fileand versions Windows 32-bit, and C: \ Program Files if… Read More

How can we block access to settings Taskbarin Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1

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When on our computer with Windows they have access to other people (family, friends, co-workers), most likely we do not want them to be able to make changes in the settings configured by us for the system. In this sense, we certainly do not want them to change the settings for certain utilities or features, such as Read More

How we can deactivate and reactivate the right-click menu (Context Menu) in Windows Explorer

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Regardless of why you would have a user Windows want to disable the right-click menu in Windows Explorer, this is possible through two fairly simple methods (at least for somewhat advanced users). However, it is recommended, before following any of the respective methods, to create a… Read More

How to disable drag & drop in Windows

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Sometimes it happens that we accidentally move certain files from one folder to another (or even create more copies of them) with drag & drop. In such cases, if we do not realize these accidental moves, we will most likely waste some time trying to figure out where those files disappeared, Read More

What if we do Windows Does 8 not recognize the DVD-RW drive?

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In some cases, when installing a new operating system Windows on a computer that has been running for a while with another operating system (either Windows, an earlier version, either Linux), the new system may not recognize certain hardware components of the computer. If you have installed… Read More

How to add the Search option in the right-click menu Windows 7 and Windows 8

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For all users WindowsSearch is an important feature that saves you a lot of time lost when you have to search for certain files stored on your hard drive. If in Windows 7 The search can be quickly accessed in the Start Menu, in Windows 8 it is located in the Charms menu or can be accessed using the combination of… Read More