“Reset This PC” in Windows 10 si Windows 11 - Bug when deleting OneDrive data

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For older versions of Windows, completely wiping the operating system by formatting and reinstalling the operating system from scratch was the only way a PC could be "reset". With Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced "Reset This PC". A perfect option when we want to delete absolutely all data on a… Read More

Product key license recovery for Windows 8

Windows 8

The most effective way to repair one Windows with errors / virus etc. is formatting the hard disk and reinstalling the system. Into the Windows 8, the repair and reinstallation of the operating system has been simplified by the introduction of two new features, Refresh PC and Reset PC. But whether you choose a classic reinstallation option or one of the more Read More

How to create a Backup Image for Windows 8

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Windows 8 has some interesting features that allow users to repair the operating system without having to go through all the necessary steps to previous versions of Windows. Two of these features, which you are most likely already familiar with, are Refresh and Reset, the first of which allows you to repair the system, and the second… Read More

Refresh & Reset PC, two new features of Windows 8

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There are enough causes for a malfunction of an operating system Windows, among the most common being the intentional (or unintentional) change of settings default of the system (and here I mean registers or system files), viruses and the installation / uninstallation of various applications (especially those with an unknown or unrecognized system developer). Solution … Read More